c++ program for high-precision atomic structure calculations of single-valence systems
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void print ()
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const std::string name
const std::string author
const std::string synopsis
const std::string description
const std::vector< std::pair< std::string, std::string > > options

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◆ author

const std::string man::author
Initial value:
{"Benjamin M. Roberts (, "
"University of Queensland, Australia."}

◆ description

const std::string man::description
Initial value:
"ampsci is a C++ program for high-precision atomic structure calculations "
"of single-valence systems.\n"
"It solves the correlated Dirac equation using the Hartree-Fock + "
"correlation potential method (based on Dzuba-Flambaum-Sushkov method) to "
"produce a set of atomic wavefunctions and energies. The method is fully "
"relativistic, includes electron correlations, all-orders screening and "
"hole-particle interaction, finite-nuclear size, Breit interaction, "
"radiative QED effects, RPA for matrix elements, and structure "
"radiation/renormalisation. QED is included via the Flambaum-Ginges "
"radiative potential method.\n"
"Can solve for continuum states with very high and very low energy, and "
"calculate ionisation cross sections with large momentum transfer values.\n"
"Full documentation (including of the physics methods) can be found "

◆ name

const std::string man::name
Initial value:
{"ampsci - Atomic Many-body Perturbation theory in the "
"Screened Coulomb Interaction."}

◆ synopsis

const std::string man::synopsis
Initial value:
{"ampsci [InputFile]\n"
"ampsci [Atom] [Core] [Valence]\n"
"ampsci -a [InputBlock]\n"
"ampsci -m [Module]\n"
"ampsci -o [Operator]\n"}